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Top DC Neighborhood for Families with School Aged Children

Is there a difference in DC neighborhoods when it comes to families with children? The trendy neighborhoods like Adams Morgan and Dupont seem filled with babies in expensive strollers and sleep deprived new moms power walking back into shape. But where are the school aged children heading off with back packs in tow? In the suburbs? Are those trendy parents heading out of the urban environment as their children hit school age?

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Want a New Home Outside the US? Keller Williams is Opening in Viet Nam
viet nam2

Keller Williams Realty Inc. has signed a brokerage in Vietnam as its first overseas “master franchise,” and is in discussions with potential franchisees in South Africa, New Zealand, Indonesia, Egypt and several Middle Eastern countries.

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Rent or Buy? How to Pick the Right Neighborhood?

New to the area? Are you trying to decide whether to rent or buy your home right now. This is a frequently asked question, and your answer depends on more than just the market: your life, your vision and your commitment to the area.

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How to Sell Your House Quickly

Are you like many sellers who want to know how to sell their homes in Bethesda, North west Washington, or McLean quickly and for top dollar? Unfortunately, there is no magic potion that guarantees 100 percent success, but there are certain factors that affect how quickly and for how much your home sells. If you need help implementing any of these, just give the Lise Howe Team a call.

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What do homebuyers want? According to a Trulia survey, buyers have some very firm ideas about what they are looking for when hiring a real estate agent. Honesty and credibility, area familiarity, good follow through, organization and good listening skills were important to buyers.

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The Corcoran Art Museum- A Special Place in DC for Photography

Whether you are a native Washingtonian or newly relocating to DC, there are lots of wonderful things to do on a summer day. One of the great museums in Washington is the Corcoran Gallery of Art, a major center of American art, both historic and contemporary. Founded “for the purpose of encouraging American Genius,” the Corcoran’s extensive collection of 18th, 19th, and 20th century American art represents most significant American artists. The Corcoran possesses a fine collection of European art as well.

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It is not enough to get the Bethesda home for sale under contract with that pre-approval letter from your lender. You have to keep your credit intact between your initial loan application and settlement to close on the DC condo. Buyers, and not just first time home buyers, commonly do things that jeopardize the safe and timely close of their mortgage loans because no one ever told them about the bomb craters out there waiting to derail their settlement. The “don’t do” list includes several things that adversely impact credit scores, and your lender may run your credit more than once, so keep it pristine – at least until after settlement!

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What Does the Appraisal Have to Do with Sales Price?

Now that your home is under contract, it still has to appraise for the sale price. It is very important to understand how a real estate appraisal can affect your real estate transaction as you move forward toward settlement. An appraisal is an estimation of a property’s value in relation to other homes for sale in Bethesda. It is primarily used by mortgage lending institutions to assure them that there is sufficient value in the property to cover the amount that a buyer will be borrowing. We are lucky in Bethesda, Chevy Chase, and other areas close in to DC. There are not many foreclosures for sale in Bethesda or Chevy Chase. Most buyers, including first time home buyers, are well qualified.

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Why Bother With a Buyer Agent for New Construction?
new construction

New construction can be wonderful too, but you need to go into the contract with your eyes wide open and with someone on your side. Make sure you bring along a buyer’s real estate agent – someone who works for you and is looking out for your best interest.

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A Fresh Coat of Paint- But What Color to Choose?
Willett Parkway in Soft Olive Green

If you are getting your home ready to put on the market this year, you are probably considering a fresh coat of paint for at least some of the rooms because new paint is one of the least expensive ways to revitalize a property for sale. Then the crisis sets in – what color will make your home stand out from the competition? What color will make your home seem fresh and stylish.

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