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What’s New in Old Town

Everyone knows that Old Town Alexandria is a perfect blend of historical authenticity and urban sophistication along the Potomac River. George Washington, Civil War General Robert E. Lee, Jim Morrison, and Mama Cass Elliott called Alexandria home and the city still attracts visitors from near and far to enjoy this historic city. Since it was established in 1749, Alexandria has been a tobacco trading post, one of the ten busiest ports in America, a part of the District of Columbia, home to both the largest slave-trading firm in the country and a large free-black community, a Civil War supply center for Union troops, and a street-car suburb for Federal workers. Even though Old Town is known as a historic site, there are lots of new shops, restaurants, and events to draw you back to those cobblestoned streets!

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DuPont Has Us Spinning in Circles

Are you missing the snowball fights of last winter? Looking for information about Dupont Circle? Listings? History of the city? Best restaurants and shops? The Lise Howe Team is here with all that and more! Did you know that the history of Dupont Circle is not as old as the rest of the city? and that it wasn’t even called Dupont Circle originally? It was supposed to be called Pacific Circle! The intersection of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire Avenues with Nineteenth and P Streets was there on Pierre L’Enfant’s 1791 plan for the city, but the land that is Dupont Circle today was not part of the original purchase of land by George Washington for the Federal City.

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What do homebuyers want? According to a Trulia survey, buyers have some very firm ideas about what they are looking for when hiring a real estate agent. Honesty and credibility, area familiarity, good follow through, organization and good listening skills were important to buyers.

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It is not enough to get the Bethesda home for sale under contract with that pre-approval letter from your lender. You have to keep your credit intact between your initial loan application and settlement to close on the DC condo. Buyers, and not just first time home buyers, commonly do things that jeopardize the safe and timely close of their mortgage loans because no one ever told them about the bomb craters out there waiting to derail their settlement. The “don’t do” list includes several things that adversely impact credit scores, and your lender may run your credit more than once, so keep it pristine – at least until after settlement!

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What Does the Appraisal Have to Do with Sales Price?

Now that your home is under contract, it still has to appraise for the sale price. It is very important to understand how a real estate appraisal can affect your real estate transaction as you move forward toward settlement. An appraisal is an estimation of a property’s value in relation to other homes for sale in Bethesda. It is primarily used by mortgage lending institutions to assure them that there is sufficient value in the property to cover the amount that a buyer will be borrowing. We are lucky in Bethesda, Chevy Chase, and other areas close in to DC. There are not many foreclosures for sale in Bethesda or Chevy Chase. Most buyers, including first time home buyers, are well qualified.

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Why Bother With a Buyer Agent for New Construction?
new construction

New construction can be wonderful too, but you need to go into the contract with your eyes wide open and with someone on your side. Make sure you bring along a buyer’s real estate agent – someone who works for you and is looking out for your best interest.

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A Fresh Coat of Paint- But What Color to Choose?
Willett Parkway in Soft Olive Green

If you are getting your home ready to put on the market this year, you are probably considering a fresh coat of paint for at least some of the rooms because new paint is one of the least expensive ways to revitalize a property for sale. Then the crisis sets in – what color will make your home stand out from the competition? What color will make your home seem fresh and stylish.

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Bad news is coming! The federal government has proposed new mortgage finance rules which would limit the best available interest rates and terms to home buyers who can afford a minimum 20 percent down payment on a conventional loan. This is obviously very bad news for first-time and moderate-income buyers who can’t come up with that much cash or afford to pay higher rates.

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Watch out Buyers!! You can annoy the Bethesda home seller without meaning to and suddenly, you are not getting that dream home at the best price and terms, or you have turned a smooth transaction into a nightmare! You might have to start over again in Chevy Chase!

Avoid unnecessarily irritating the seller and the listing agent and strive instead to create a environment of cooperation. Then you might just get a better price, extra items you want thrown into the deal, or even more flexibility around settlement and move in – all benefits that can make your life easier and your budget go further in Kenwood, Kenwood Forest, or Forest Hills.

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Kenwood Forest – A Chevy Chase Neighborhood
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Developed in several phases from the late 1970s to the early 1980s, Kenwood Forest I and II became nearly 400 town houses. Kenwood Forest town homes for sale are always in demand with buyers looking for this soft urban lifestyle!

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