Oh No! My Termite Inspection Revealed Termites!

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What happens next? The GCAAR contract (the one used most frequently in the DC metro area) provides that any extermination and structural repairs identified in the inspection report will be made at Seller’s expense. This means that the Buyer provides a copy of the inspection report to the Seller and the Seller must treat for termites and must make any structural repairs. The Seller does not have a choice about such treatment or repairs. The only choice the Seller has is which company and contractor to choose. The Buyer may not use the presence of termites or structural damage as a reason to void the contract. In addition, the Buyer can not dictate to the Seller which company to choose for the treatment and repairs, as long as they are licensed contractors.

Types of Closing Costs Explained

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Some of your closing costs at settlement are variable, while others are non-variable fees, such as the transfer and recordation taxes. Both the types and amounts of variable fees and costs will vary greatly from one title company to another, and so you definitely should shop around. You might ask your Realtor or your lender for some suggestions.

A Fresh Coat of Paint- But What Color to Choose?

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Willett Parkway in Soft Olive Green

If you are getting your home ready to put on the market this year, you are probably considering a fresh coat of paint for at least some of the rooms because new paint is one of the least expensive ways to revitalize a property for sale. Then the crisis sets in – what color will make your home stand out from the competition? What color will make your home seem fresh and stylish.

What Does a Survey Show?

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Surveys of real property are certainly not new!  More than 5000 years ago, the Egyptians were surveying the fertile land along the Nile.   Surveys are mentioned in the Old Testament, such as the admonishment at Deuteronomy 19:14, “You shall not move your neighbor’s landmarks, set by previous generations, in the property …”. Small wonder that your […] Continue Reading »

Minimize Your Stress When Buying a Home

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Buying a home is one of the most stressful things that you will do – even when you have done it before. Still, people keep doing it, and so will you! You can minimize your stress by following a couple of rules, and by having a good team with you – a good Realtor, a good lender, and a good title company. I promise that the Lise Howe Team meets the first criteria, and we will supply the rest to make your life as stress free as possible! Now read on for the rest of my suggestions!

What’s Going on in Washington This Summer?

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There is a lot going on in DC this summer from museum openings to Follies by Sondheim at the Kennedy Center. You can have an active summer with culture and fun and great food and don’t forget the suntan lotion! Let me know what you enjoy best this summer!

Do You Think Your Realtor Doesn’t Listen?

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4801 Chevy Chase Drive

Your Realtor should be your agent, the experienced professional who represents your interests – and only your interests! It is really important to be honest with your agent about your upper limit on price. Your agent is your representative. If you don’t trust your agent to be on your side, then you are working with the wrong Realtor.

Founding of Coldwell Banker – A Little History

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Coldwell Banker History

Coldwell Banker is in fact a partnership between two young men, Benjamin Banker and Colbert Coldwell, created shortly after the San Francisco earthquake. It seems like a fitting trial by fire for one of the largest companies in an industry that goes through constant upheavals, almost as traumatic as an earthquake!


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The way you take title can have long term consequences to your ownership and ability to sell or devise the property in the future. This is a very important conversation to have in advance with your title attorney. Please do not leave this decision to the last minute!


Did you know that the first full sized LL Bean store outside of Freeport, Maine opened at Tyson’s Corner in 2000? At 76,000 square feet, the mall management designated L.L. Bean as an “anchor store,” like  Bloomingdale’s.  Unlike  other “anchor stores,” this one  actually can sell anchors, and Canoes, kayaks and other “outdoor gear”  too! […] Continue Reading »

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