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Like many residents of the DC metro area the first thing I do in the morning is turn off the security system.  My system is very functional, and provides great security  but home security technologies are changing and evolving just like everything else that has a computer chip.  I am assured by my techie friends that the new home security easy to operate within the  home or even remotely and smart enough to screen out don’t-need-to-know info, like your pet’s indoor traffic patterns.

If you’re in the market for a new security system, prices have come down significantly while the James Bondian features have increased dramatically.  You will find these new systems in homes for sale in Bethesda and condos for sale in Logan Circle – and everywhere else around the metro area.

Motion sensors are standard in home security, and now, high-tech cameras can also be part of the plan. A new generation of camera-driven surveillance systems like Cernium’s Archerfish removes concerns about cost and time-consuming screening by having the smarts to actually focus on what’s important: your home’s safety. You can program for expected events and types of motion, such as the kids coming home from school, and will be notified when there’s an unexpected event, whether it be a package you forgot you’d ordered or an actual intruder.   Once the unexpected event is detected, you’ll get an e-mail notification with a video clip attached.

More intuitive controls
Today’s home security control panels are touch-screen, with intuitive system designs that seem more like a  smartphone app. Smart security control panels don’t even have to be mounted on a wall.  They are portable instead and  can also extend to your laptop or smartphone, allowing you to check in and receive important alerts during daily routines or extended travel.

Multitasking home management

Home security can also be integrated with other critical monitoring streams for a one-stop solution to home management. Fire and carbon monoxide alarms, temperature regulation, HVAC component status, home lighting, and even freeze and flood alerts can be accessed from the same set of controls.

Even as home security continues to evolve and change, the points to consider while shopping remain the same. Check out the costs involved, including installation charges and any monthly fees and deposits associated with a long-term service contract. Compare component options and make sure you understand how various systems would–or wouldn’t–work for your home and lifestyle.

Finally, make sure that what you are buying works for  you.  A complicated system may be exactly what you want, but the future buyer of your home may not be impressed by all the bells and whistles.  They may think the I-POD docking station is really great or just a waste of time.  Invest in what you want and then enjoy it.

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