Sellers – Be Nice to Your Neighbors!

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When most homeowners contemplate selling their homes, they understand the importance of getting their home ready to show off.  But how do you deal with the property next door? The one with the shoulder high weeds, the rusty car on blocks in the front yard, or the vicious dog leaping at the fence.  The house next door can have a significant impact on your ability to sell your house.  You have a luxury home, but your neighbors are another matter.

On the flip side, your neighbors themselves – not just the homes, but the people – can actually help sell your home.  Many homeowners know people who want to live in their neighborhood, from McLean and Great Falls to Chevy Chase Village and Kenwood Forest, or  Dupont Circle and Capitol Hill; this is one reason many seasoned real estate professionals hold their listings open to neighbors and send out postcards to neighbors announcing the listing – the neighbors might know people who are interested in your home!   Also, neighbors who are out and about chatting with each other, laughing and playing with their kids, mowing their lawns or painting their fences, or even who just offer a smile and helpful area knowledge to the buyer-to-be they pass on the street can make a very favorable impression on prospective buyers.

It’s a good idea, if and when you decide to list your home for sale, to touch base with neighbors you know and let them know; it’s in their best interests to get good new neighbors, so they might be able to go the extra mile in showing the neighborhood’s biggest asset – themselves – off to its best advantage.  You might even offer a neighborly hand to that next door neighbor who has trouble getting his weeds trimmed! Good luck!

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