Please Respect Your Realtor’s Time!

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A buyer agent doesn’t carry inventory like Target or Home Depot, but all Realtors have expenses. There are car payments and gasoline to drive  you from place to place. There are real estate board fees and license fees and advertising costs.  In addition, that Realtor no doubt is paying rent or a mortgage, just like you, and he or she likes to eat and go to movies too.  In short, that Realtor is working for a living, but only gets paid when you find a  home and close the transaction.  A Realtor’s expenses are constant- like everyone else these days, but the income can fluctuate wildly and is really impacted by the economy, interest rates, and consumer confidence.  It is not a career for the faint of heart!

The only thing that a Realtor has to sell is time – time spent with you or time spent with another client.   The time spent with any buyer (or seller) is a calculated risk – will this buyer find what he or she is looking for? Will he or she be loyal to me until the end of the transaction? Will he or she value my time as much as his or her own?

When you have an appointment with  your Realtor, please keep it – or cancel it with enough time to save him or her from driving all the way to meet you for no purpose.  Chances are that  your Realtor could have filled that now empty time with another client – or family – or just gone to the grocery store.

If your goals, wants or needs change – be honest.  Your Realtor is not wedded to selling you any particular property – just in helping you find something that meets your needs and makes you happy enough to buy.  Your Realtor makes a living by selling properties – not by selling one property.   If you don’t tell your Realtor what you are thinking, how will you get the service that you expect and deserve.

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