A Fresh Coat of Paint- But What Color to Choose?

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If you are getting your home ready to put on the market this year, you are probably considering a fresh coat of paint for at least some of the rooms because new paint is one of the least expensive ways to revitalize a property for sale.  Then the crisis sets in – what color will make your home stand out from the competition? What color will make your home seem fresh and stylish.  What choice will make your first time homebuyers feel like they are getting a luxury home for their money?  You might want to gear your color choices to your home style and your target market.   Certain dynamic colors might work better in a Victorian townhouse on Capitol Hill while others might be a better choice for a Penn Quarter loft.

Modern paint colors are influenced by 50′s and 60′s interior design ideas and retro room color schemes. Trendy room paint colors include olive green, muted blue, soft purple, hot red, bright orange shades and classy white and black tones. Black and white shades work well for furniture, decorative details and small interior design ideas that add elegance to your home decor. Other modern paint colors give your rooms a trendy edge and a unique character.

Modern paint colors include contemporary, dynamic, neutral and calming tones.  Light neutral room painting ideas are great for small rooms. Trendy interior paint colors, like white or light gray, make small spaces appear airier and bigger. Light gray and off-white interior paint colors complement brighter room paint colors and home furnishings, creating interesting, balanced and modern room color schemes.

Red, orange, blue, green and purple paint colors add beautiful accents and create attractive contrasts in boring rooms, accenting contemporary interior design ideas and decorating inspirations.

Eggplant and wine tones, pale olive, moss and yellow-green shades, pink-red, orange and navy blue accent colors look interesting and exciting with elegant gray or classy white interior paint colors, stylish black and comfortable brown home furnishings.

Darker room paint colors, combined with contemporary lighting, create welcoming, cozy, club-like atmosphere. Exciting red, bright pink and optimistic orange are modern paint colors choices for adventurous, youthful and energetic people.

Eco interior design ideas are very popular, and modern paint colors are inspired by nature. Wood, bamboo, glass, metal home furnishings, green indoor plants and natural fabrics look great with contemporary room painting ideas and nature inspired colors, creating eco friendly, stylish and comfortable interior design.

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