Questions to Ask Your Realtor- And Lise’s Answers

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1. How long do you plan to be in the business?

Lise’s Answer – Probably another 15 years at least!  I have a 17 year old daughter and I am fond of saying that I am working her way through college! (and grad school!)

2. What educational designations have you earned?

Lise’s Answer – I am an associate broker (as distinguished from a sales agent)m which requires three times the training and course work. In addition, I am a Graduate of the Real Estate Institute and a member of the Council of Residential Specialists.  I also am an attorney with 28 years experience in the federal government.

3. Are you a full time professional?

Lise’s Answer – Definitely!

4. How many years have you been in the business?

Lise’s Answer – Since February 14, 1989.  I used to swear that the market fell apart on the same day that I got my real estate license, so I spent my first few years as a Realtor in a very challenging market, much like the one we are in now.  As a Realtor with “several” years of experience, I have seen every type of market from sellers to buyers, up to down.  The net result is that I can share my experiences and knowledge with you to guide you through the your real estate transaction.

5. Do you provide a Home Search Guide for prospective buyers?

Lise’s Answer – Absolutely! Just ask and we will email it to you!

6. How often will you contact us?

Lise’s Answer – My business mantra is that this is all about you – Please tell me how often you want to be contacted, and by what means – Text? Email? Phone?  Some clients like to drive the process themselves – using various websites like,,,, or to the houses that they want to see.  Other clients like for me to recommend and even pre-screen the homes that they should see, based on my knowledge of the market.  It is completely up to you how we will work together.

7. May I have a copy of your written service plan?

Lise’s Answer – Of course.  Just ask for it.

8. May I see your resume?

Lise’s Answer – Of course. Just ask for it. We will email it to you!

9. How many homes have you sold.

Lise’s Answer – Several hundred!

10. Do you have a list of references that we may call?

Lise’s Answer. Of course – Please ask me for their names and numbers.

11. Do you have personal assistants to help you with the detail work?

Lise’s Answer. Yes. My assistant is a licensed Realtor who helps with the detail work so that I can concentrate on you and your needs.

12. Do you have an Internet presence.

Lise’s Answer – Definitely!

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