The 9th of Each Month is for the Debutante of the Turn of the 19th century

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Columbia Heights was;

Once a farm referred to lovingly as “Pleasant Plains” by the Holmeads, before they began a subdivision campaign, selling exclusively to wealthy Washingtonians from 1822 through the conclusion of the Civil War.

The site of the first building constructed for Columbian College now well known and respected as a part of The George Washington University ( Lise Howe’s J.D. Alma Mater).

Just before and after the turn of the 20th century upper level managers of our nations federal government began finding comfort in observance of the Washington Monument, Capitol, and National Cathedral from a Distance on the 14th and 13th St Hills. The Belmont Mansion- spanning Florida, Belmont, and Clifton – became their beacon, as Historic Boundary Street (Now Florida Avenue) was their southern entrance to secluded mansion bearing streets of Columbia Heights, with the namesake college at its core.

The mansion was emblematic of the confidence that the affluent placed in the concept that Columbia Heights represented the ideal suburb inside The District. In the early 1900s, Columbia Heights was the preferred area for some of Washington’s wealthiest and most influential people.

The riots and fires of 1968 devastated our beloved 14th St and beyond, though the near deserted landscape of the 1980’s and 90’s provided the perfect environment for transition and restoration at the turn of the millennia. With DCUSA, Kenyon Square, Columbia Heights Fountain, Giant, Fro-ZEN-Yo, the Farmers Market, the newly emerging 13th St restaurant corridor, and nationally renowned Sticky Fingers at its core, Columbia Heights is metamorphosing from coal to diamond once again. It is the constant transition and stunning customizable row house architecture that continues to attract singles, couples, and families; of all ages and races to this colorful, historic, convenient neighborhood.

Then this beauty landed itself on the market and this Columbia Heights resident began batting eyes and flirtatiously sighing, “ohhh my beautiful Cinderella like neighborhood has found her Prince.”

Sunday after visiting this gorgeous fully renovated historic row house at 1325 Harvard St NW I thought to myself, ” this is bliss right here in my own neighborhood.” I am just a shmooze for the huge windows, heavy hardwood floors, and original crown details so common in these grandiose first decade 1900’s houses. A quick scan of the virtual tour will reveal the house’s offering of no ceiling under 9 feet, all angles spa shower, and walk- in closet awaiting your custom built-in. All only 15 minutes by metro or bus to Chinatown, Penn Quarter, K St, and Metro Center.

It has been on the market for under a month and already they just reduced the price- SIGNIFICANTLY, talk about motivated! This could be a quick an easy sale if only the right buyer comes out of the woodwork and begins converting their dreams about the glorious life on Harvard St, to reality. Just consider the 4 spacious bedrooms and 3 and 1/2 bathrooms upstairs with a whole separately metered apartment downstairs in such a competitive rental market and tomorrow we will be writing the 795,000 dollar contract together!

This little bird flew by me on the way down the beautiful front stairs and into my ear he whispered, “Trendy Columbia Heights has arrived!”

The Heights

Upon first glance, the “Bloody Mary” Menu at The Heights may be too much for anyone to handle before coffee and eggs on Saturday Morning. Upon diving deeper, however, you will realize they are simply offering everything any respectable lady or gent wishes for in a bloody mary, maria, or red snapper. Now choose!

It’s like walking into Starbucks for the first time, upon first glance at the First and Second options, Then….. ALMOST THERE?! Overwhelming no, Own It. In a few weeks the usual Absolute Mary Medium with Lime Juice OldBayCeleryOliveandShrimp will be rolling off the tongue before the rest of the table has time to say, “Please give us a few minutes to choose.” Recommending a Hot Hendricks Red Snapper wasabi, cucumber, ginger, and jicama, and -my off the menu favorite- Bloody Fairy with anisette will become second nature and you’ll tap yourself on the back having found your new home and brunch spot all in one fell swoop.

Caution the fairies should be saved for the Funday Sundays that conclude with a Federal Holiday Monday.

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